Journal «Medicine and high technology» is one of the Russian professional media which lights formation problems of the modern Russian infrastructure of high technology in medicine, the development of high-tech and high-tech industry for medicine, especially related with the development processes of the innovative economy in Russia, the implementation of national programs and government initiatives.

The journal discusses issues related to the development strategy of the domestic medical equipment and technologies, major investment and innovation projects, including international ones, to create medical technology and high medical technologies in the Russian Federation, with the analysis of the proposals for the research and development work in the field of medical technology, equipment, technologies and technical means of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, including an assessment of means relevance, originality, expediency, scientific and technical level.

The journal is published by the RDK-PRESS publishing house established in 2003 for comprehensive information support. Its main goal is to provide complete and high-quality information for various categories of readers. The publishing house produces highly professional publications for specialists and managers from industries such as information technology, computer systems, telecommunications and medicine.

Тhe log is registered in the Ministry of Pess, Broadcasting and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
Registration number of PI 77-16534.
Founder: OOMO ”The guality of information technology in management systems” APK.
State Unitary Enterprise “Branch scientific and practical complex “Health”.
Intel LLC.
The journal is published by the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization «RDK-Press Publishing».
Phone edition: +7 926 831-70-81
Editorial address: 105005, Moscow, ul Bakuninskaya, d. 15
ISSN: 2306-3645

The full text of articles from 2010 can be obtained on a fee basis on the website of scientific electronic library