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Specialties of the journal Medicine and High Technologies


2.2. Electronics, photonics, instrumentation and communications

2.2.4. Instruments and methods of measurement (by type of measurement) (technical sciences)

2.2.6. Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes (technical sciences)

2.2.11. Information-measuring and control systems (technical sciences)

2.2.12. Medical devices, systems and products (technical sciences)

2.2.9. Design and technology of instrumentation and electronic equipment (technical sciences)

2.2.13. Radio engineering, including television systems and devices (technical sciences)

3.3. Life sciences

3.3.3. Pathological physiology (medical sciences)

3.3.6. Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology (medical sciences)

3.3.8. Clinical laboratory diagnostics (medical sciences)