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Specialties of the journal Medicine and High Technologies

05.11.01 – Instruments and methods of measurement (by type of measurement) (technical sciences),

05.11.07 – Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes (technical sciences),

05.11.10 – Devices and methods for measuring ionizing radiation and X-ray devices (technical sciences),

05.11.14 – Instrument-making technology (technical sciences),

05.11.16 – Information-measuring and control systems (by industry) (technical sciences),

05.11.17 – Devices, systems and medical devices (technical sciences),

05.11.18 – Devices and methods for converting images and sound (technical sciences),

14.03.03 – Pathological physiology (medical sciences),

14.03.06 – Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology (medical sciences),

14.03.10 – Clinical laboratory diagnostics (medical sciences)